Microfiber320T Talson | Poly check(water resistant) 
210T Nylon Waterproof Spray Adhesive | 300D downproofPoly twill/peach   | Pongee 
310T downproof(breathable) | DiamondPoly sateen  |  Anti electrostatic 
Poly lining cire coating | 330D Nylon Taslan Breathable | Plain Weave
Memory Fabric | Poly Micro Jacquard(Breathable)
Ultra Thin Jacket Fabric – 20D Mini CheckUltra thin Jacket Fabric–20D  
  Ultra thin Jacket Fabric–40D   |  Ultra thin Jacket Fabric(8888)–20D Ultra thin Jacket Fabric(8893)–30D 
Ultra thin Jacket Fabric(8891)–30D     |   Ultra-Thin Mini Check      |    200Nylon        |  MetallicShiny Finish Woven Fabric 0619

MetallicShiny Finish Woven Fabric YS1222      |    MetallicShiny Finish Woven Fabric 3240      |    MetallicShiny Finish Woven Fabric YS1216
Talson,Polyester(A bit shiny,economic)      |    Softshell  Fabric Series-Composited Bond Fabric1
Softshell  Fabric Series-Composited Bond Fabric2        |    Softshell  Fabric Series-Composited Bond Fabric3

Softshell  Fabric Series-Composited Bond Fabric4      |    Softshell  Fabric Series-Composited Bond Fabric5 

Softshell  Fabric Series-Composited Bond Fabric6 |    Softshell  Fabric Series-Composited Bond Fabric7  

Softshell  Fabric Series-Composited Bond Fabric8      |    Softshell  Fabric Series-Composited Bond Fabric9

Softshell  Fabric Series-Composited Bond Fabric10      |    Softshell  Fabric Series-Composited Bond Fabric11 

Softshell  Fabric Series-Composited Bond Fabric12 |    Composited Bonding Fabric(Jacket Use) 1

Composited Bonding Fabric(Jacket Use) 2      |    Composited Bonding Fabric(Jacket Use) 2

Composited Bonding Fabric(Jacket Use) 3


The above fabric is mainly applied in Jacket / Sportswear / Windbreaker / Outdoor Jacket.


The above color swatch is for on screen viewing reference which may appear different from actual color swatch, pls. contact iGift or visit our company to check out the actual color.


Windbreaker, Jacket:

iGift strikes to provide good quality windbreaker (wind resistant and water proof), we have different kinds of windbreaker materials (100% polyester to cotton /nylon blended fabric) which suit different applications. Our vision is to provide comfortable yet stylish outdoor wear for customers, together with different logo making technologies (embroidery, silk screen printing, heat set priting etc), we design your company jackets, which provide an unique image for your company.