1.Sports bottoms,elastic waist  band(long)size spec
2.Shorts(male) size spec
3.Lady Yoga pants (Asian Size)
4.Men Performance Shorts (Asian Size)
5.Women's running shorts size
6.Men Sports shiorts
7.Ladies Sports shorts
8.Running  Shorts(Unisex)Size Spec
9.Ladies Sports JazzPants,Tightfit
10.Ladies Yogo Short Pants Size Spec
11.Unisex Slim Cut Sports Ankle banded Pants (Full Waistband)Size Spec
12.Tight Fit Sports Pants Size  Spec
13.Unisex Knit Ankle  Banded  Pants ,Regular  Fit Size  Spec
14.Knit Men Tuna  Size  Spec
15.Girls Yoga Pants/Jazz Pants SizeSpec
16.Dragon Boat Shorts Size List

17.Unisex Sports Pants, Knit Size Spec

20Women's Yoga Leggings

Size specification should have certain tolerance depends on different garment styles, fabric applications and hand-made nature of textile products. Pls. contact iGift for more details .
iGift provides a wide range of size selections for its available garment styles, we have sizes range from children to Adults, from male to female. This would provide customers a greater flexibility in size choices.


Size Specification & Selection All dimension listed below are in "inch": 


Feasible to customize the size specification, marker surcharge cost is required if needs so.

Ordering Qty (pcs)

<20 (pcs)

20 – 29 (pcs)

30 - 199 (pcs)

>=200 (pcs)

Size Selection






Sports bottoms,elastic waist  band(long)size spec:Ref:SZ-SU01,REV1

Shorts(male) size spec:Ref:SZ-SUM03,REV1

Lady Yoga pants (Asian Size):

Asian size-Yoga-pants shorts-Lady-20110803

Men Performance Shorts (Asian Size):

Asian size-Asian-Performance shorts-Men-20110803

Women's running shorts size:

running-running shorts-Women-20110803

2016Men Sport Shorts:

2016Men Sport Shorts

2016 Ladies Sports Shorts:

2016 Ladies Sports Shorts

Running  Shorts(Unisex)Size Spec:

Running  Shorts(Unisex)Size Spec

Ladies Sports JazzPants,Tightfit:Ref:SZ-tchb-88745

Ladies Yogo Short Pants Size Spec :REF:TB-Vinnykeisa

Unisex Slim Cut Sports Ankle banded Pants (Full Waistband)Size Spec:Ref:H1604271E

Tight Fit Sports Pants Size  Spec     REF:H161130A1C rev2

Unisex Knit Ankle  Banded  Pants ,Regular  Fit Size  Spec:  Ref:A170629R1N_4

Knit Men Tuna  Size  Spec:Ref:A170629R1N_5

Girls Yoga Pants/Jazz Pants SizeSpec:Ref:SZ-TCHB73395 180827

Dragon Boat Shorts Size List Ref:SZ-SU004 XPT

Unisex   Sports   Pants,   Knit   Size   Spec:Ref:CITY-YZ02-520-HK-SHOWROOM

Remark: The size selection criteria can be flexible upon customers’ specific request.



Women's Yoga Leggings