1.Cap Measurement Size Spec 
2.6 Panels Baseball Cap Size Spec
3.5 Panels Baseball Cap Size Spec
4.Sun Helmet Size spec
5.The fisherman cap Size spec
6.Beret Size Table spec
7.Graduation cap Size table spec
8.Graduation cap size table
9.Graduation cap size table kid

10.Snapback Cap Size Spec

11.Army Hat Size Spec

12.Nurse Hats  Size  Spec

Size specification should have certain tolerance depends on different garment styles, fabric applications and hand-made nature of textile products. Pls. contact iGift for more details .


iGift provides a wide range of size selections for its available garment styles, we have sizes range from children to Adults, from male to female. This would provide customers a greater flexibility in size choices.


Size Specification & Selection All dimension listed below are in "inch": 


 Feasible to customize the size specification, marker surcharge cost is required if needs so.

Ordering Qty (pcs)

<20 (pcs)

20 – 29 (pcs)

30 - 199 (pcs)

>=200 (pcs)

Size Selection





Cap Measurement Size Spec:

6 Panels Baseball Cap Size Spec: Ref : SZ-HA002

5 Panels Baseball Cap Size Spec: Ref: SZ-HA003

Sun Helmet:

Sun Helmet

The fisherman cap:

The fisherman cap

Beret Size Table Child :


Graduation cap:

Graduation cap size table: Graduation cap size table

Graduation cap size table kid: 

Snapback Cap Size Spec: Ref:SZ-HA0012

Army Hat Size Spec:REF:SZ-HA0013

Nurse Hats  Size  Spec  :Ref:SZ-HA014TB