1.Kids Dimension 
2.Girl T-Shirt Dimension
3.Boy T-Shirt long sleeve size
4.Girl T-Shirt long sleeve size
5.Boys T-Shirt short sleeve size
6.Boys hoodie size spec
7.Girl sweatshirt size spec
8.Children round collar fleece size
9.Boys'  Swim  Shorts  Size  Spec
10.Girls'  Swimsuits  Size  Spec
11.Kids One Piece  Skirts  Size  Spec
12.Kids One  Piece  Skirts(Flare Skirt Style)  Size  Spec
13.Sleeveless  One  Piece  Skirt(kids)Size  Spec
14.Children's  wear  Straight  Sleeved  Sports Sports jacket size Chart
15.Raglan Sleeved Sweatshirt Size Chart(Kids)
16.Kids'Shirts Size Chart(Raglan Sleeves)
17.Baby Jumpsuit Size Spec

Size specification should have certain tolerance depends on different garment styles, fabric applications and hand-made nature of textile products. Pls. contact iGift for more details .

iGift provides a wide range of size selections for its available garment styles, we have sizes range from children to Adults, from male to female. This would provide customers a greater flexibility in size choices.

Size Specification & Selection All dimension listed below are in "inch" :

Feasible to customize the size specification, marker surcharge cost is required if needs so.

Ordering Qty(pcs)

<20 (pcs)

20 – 29 (pcs)

30 - 199 (pcs)

>=200 (pcs)

Size Selection()






【kids Dimension】:

Kids Dimension

【girl T-Shirt Dimension】:

Girl T-Shirt Dimension

Boy T-Shirt long sleeve size:

Boy T-Shirt long sleeve size

Girl T-Shirt long sleeve size:

Girl T-Shirt long sleeve size

【Boys T-Shirt long sleeve size】:

【Boys T-Shirt short sleeve size】:

【Boys hoodie size spec】:

【girl sweatshirt size spec】:

【children round collar fleece size】:

Boys'  Swim  Shorts  Size  Spec  :   REF:ZS-SWHONGMEI001

Girls'  Swimsuits  Size  Spec  :   REF:ZS-SWHONGMEI002

Kids One Piece  Skirts  Size  Spec:Ref:A160727B1F_7

Kids One  Piece  Skirts(Flare Skirt Style)  Size  Spec:Ref:A170306U1U

Sleeveless  One  Piece  Skirt(kids)Size  Spec:Ref:M170807Q1U

Children's  wear  Straight  Sleeved  Sports Sports jacket size Chart:Ref:SZ-J020

 Raglan Sleeved Sweatshirt Size Chart(Kids):Ref:SZ-Z021

Kids'Shirts Size Chart(Raglan Sleeves):Ref:SZ-SHK24

Baby Jumpsuit Size Spec:Ref:A19D52aYIN