1.Jacket  Size  Spec
2.Ringer  Windbreaker Size Spec
3.Ringer sports jacket size list
4.Two layers detachable jacket(outshell size spec)
5.Two layers detachabele jacket(outshell size spec)
6.Children's wear straight Sleeve Jacket Size Spec
7.Children's wear straight sleeve tracksuit size list
8.Children's Wear Ringer Windbreaker Size Spec
9.Children's wear ringer sports jacket size list
10.Stock Jacket size spec
11.Men's Sport Tee Size(Asian Size)
12.Slim Fit Unisex Sports Jacket
13.Ladies Knit Sports Jacket
14.Ladies Knit Zip up Jacket
15.Slim Cut Unisex Running Jacket,Raglan Style
16.Ladies Woven Jacket Size Spec REF
17.Straight Sleeve Tracksuit Size Spec
18.Pilot Jacket Size Spec

19.Softshell Functional Jacket (Back panel longer than front panel)

20.Fishing Shirts Size

21.Ski Coat / Freezer Wear Size Spec

Size specification should have certain tolerance depends on different garment styles, fabric applications and hand-made nature of textile products. Pls. contact iGift for more details .


iGift provides a wide range of size selections for its available garment styles, we have sizes range from children to Adults, from male to female. This would provide customers a greater flexibility in size choices.


Size Specification & Selection All dimension listed below are in "inch": 

   Feasible to customize the size specification, marker surcharge cost is required if needs so.

Ordering Qty (pcs)

<20 (pcs)

20 – 29 (pcs)

30 - 199 (pcs)

>=200 (pcs)

Size Selection





 Jacket  Size  Spec:Ref:SZ-J001

Ringer  Windbreaker Size Spec:Ref:SZ-J002

Ringer sports jacket size list:

Two layers detachable jacket(outshell size spec):

Two layers detachabele jacket(outshell size spec) Ref:SZ-J011

Children's wear straight Sleeve Jacket Size Spec:Ref:SZ-J005

Children's wear straight sleeve tracksuit size list:

Children's Wear Ringer Windbreaker Size Spec:Ref:SZ-J007

Children's wear ringer sports jacket size list:

Stock Jacket size spec:

Men's Sport Tee Size(Asian Size):


Slim Fit Unisex Sports Jacket:

Ladies Knit Sports Jacket:

Ladies Knit Zip up Jacket:

Slim Cut Unisex Running Jacket,Raglan Style: Ref:H151116P1MH-ASC


Ladies Woven Jacket Size Spec REF:

Straight Sleeve Tracksuit Size Spec:REF:SZ-J013

Pilot Jacket Size Spec REF:SZ-J014 190316

Softshell Functional Jacket (Back panel longer than front panel)Ref:HP200120A1MH

Fishing Shirts Size Spec:Ref:HP200610JC1V

Ski Coat / Freezer  Wear  Size Spec : Ref:Q211022A1

Remark: The size selection criteria can be flexible upon customers’ specific request.