1. Sublimation Print

2.Sublimation Print Patch 

3.Sublimation Print (Genuine face effect)1

4.Sublimation Print (Genuine face effect)2

5.Sublimation Print (Genuine face effect)3

Sublimation Print


Sublimation Print Patch 

Sublimation Print (Genuine face effect)1

Sublimation Print (Genuine face effect)2


Sublimation Print (Genuine face effect)3

Sublimation Printing: 


Resemble the effect of inkjet printing; Sublimation printing technology can achieve small lot production with photo-like quality logo but at the same time with less expensive price. However, it can only be applied on light color 100% polyester fabric. Also, the logo color may deviate from the original logo design when the ground fabric colors change.