1.Tudor Scool Uniforms

2.Sports Pants - Secondary Schools Students

3.Summer School Uniform for secondary schools

4.Woven Capri Shorts (Girls/Secondary School Uniform Applicable) 

5.Secondary School Uniform-Unisex Shorts Size Spec:REF

6.Secondary School Uniform-Unisex Trousers Size Spec:REF

7.Kindergarten School Uniform,Summer Shorts

8.Kindergarten School Uniform,Winter Sweatpanta


Tudor Scool Uniforms:

 Feasible to customize the size specification, marker surcharge cost is required if needs so.

Sports Pants - Secondary Schools Students:

Summer School Uniform for secondary schools:

Woven Capri Shorts (Girls/Secondary School Uniform Applicable)    REF:A161014H3G

Secondary   School   Uniform-Unisex   Shorts   Size   Spec:REF:Wmc-sc020

Secondary School Uniform-Unisex Trousers Size Spec:REF:Wmc-sc021

Kindergarten School Uniform,Summer Shorts:Ref:H211006JE2JY

Kindergarten School Uniform,Winter Sweatpanta:Ref:H211112C1C_2

Primary School Uniform-Boyes Shorts:REF:HK-PooiToPS001