1.One piece Skirt(woven)Size Spec

2.One Piece Skirt(Knit)Size Spec(Regular Fit)

3.One Piece Skirts Size Spec

4.Qne Piece Skirt Size Spec:Ref:A190606b1v

5.One Piece Skirt (Comfort fit)

6.One Piece Suit Skirts Size Spec

One piece Skirt(woven)Size Spec:REF:AP160820H1E_3Rev1

Feasible to customize the size specification, marker surcharge cost is required if needs so.

One Piece Skirt(Knit)Size Spec(Regular Fit):REF:A160814B1G

One Piece Skirts Size Spec:Ref:AP170916Y1Y-HK-Showroom

Qne Piece Skirt Size Spec:Ref:A190606b1v

One Piece Skirt (Comfort fit):Ref:AP170916Y1Y-HK-Showroom

One Piece Suit Skirts Size Spec:REF:M210630H1U_6