SKTF047  45 degree
SKTF047  front view
SKTF047  45 degree
SKTF047  front view
Retail Service of all the stock items are UNAVAILABLE.Our company cannot offer Immediate transaction service. Pls reserve delivery time after the order is confirmed. The availablity of the product is subject to the inventory level Please contact us before ordering.

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1.Pls contact / 311061160 / 23601900 or press “Order Now” if having interest to order

2.The availability of the stock items is subject to the inventory level. Pls contact our office for further inquiry

Qty /pc5 -< 77 -< 99 -< 1111 -< 1616 -< 2121 -< 3131 -< 4141 -< 5151 -< 7171 -< 101
Price in plain(HKD, excludes logo)242229223217210204198192185179

size spec/cmHeight CMChestwaisthip 

Order Information:
1. Product photos are just for reference only. Any items in uniform & garment custom made section are not for retail sales.
2. The information below is just for reference only, the information is subject to change upon order confirmation.
3. The size spec and fabric swatch is subject to change from time to time. Please contact iGift to confirm the detail before ordering.

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Bulk Lead time (Unit: days):10-12天 ,Sample Lead time (Unit: days):12-13天

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